We are not contractors, we provide free consultation based on project.

We help you to identify the best Quality Vs Cost Vs Practicality for your project in the point of view for hospitality and food & beverage environment.

We consult on the below:

  • Store layout change.

  • Major electricity/plumping works.

  • Furniture Fabrication.

  • New store Layout.

  • Store construction.

  • Bill of Quantity.

  • Major Steel/Carpentry works.

  • Kitchen Layout.

  • Major IT works.


  • Free consultation is for one visit only.

  • Hospitality OPS can provide quotations from approved contractors based on the consultation outcome.

  • The transaction is done directly between the client and the contractor.

  • If warranty is applicable,is provided by the contractor directly.

  • Hospitality OPS act as a operational liaison between the client and the contractor.

  • If the contractor is not approved by hospitality OPS, a supervision fee is applicable based on the project.

  • If the project or the consultation is based on long period of different phases, a supervision fee is applicable.


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